Stuff I highly recommend


Some of the books that I enjoyed immensely:

Poor Charlie's Almanack; the beginning of infinity: how to lie with statistics; bad science; Economics in one lesson; Antifragile; The mind body problem by Rebecca Goldstein;  Something incredibly wonderful happens by K.C Cole; How to live by Derek Sivers; Benjamin Franklin: an american life; True recall: My unbelievably true life story; The psychology of money; Turtles all the way down; My name is red; A strangeness in my mind; Einstein: his life and universe; The kite runner; Gölgesizler(not available in english)

More here: Library

TV series

The leftovers (2014); The originals(2013); Downton Abbey; Misfits (2009); Nathan for you; The life and times of Tim; Inside No.9; Superjail(2007); the shivering truth(2018); Undone(2019); Ugly Americans (2010); Blackadder(1986); A bit of Fry and Laury(1987) Futurama(1999)


The youtube channels below are so close to my heart:

CGP Grey; the Nerdwriter; Vsauce; Vlogbrothers; Smarter everyday; every frame a painting.

  • Grizzly man (2005)
  • Senna(2010)
  • The salt of the earth(2014)
  • Cosmos: A spacetime odyssey
  • Planet earth II (2016)
  • Indie game(2012)
  • Kumare(2011)
  • Jiro dreams of sushi
  • Bill Cunnigham: New York(2010)
  • The great hack
  • Three Identical Strangers
  • The Up series
  • Cave of Forgotten dreams
  • Free Solo
  • The story of India (2007)
  • Abstract: the art of design
  • The social dilemma
  • Jodorowsky's Dune
  • Samsara
  • The farthest(2017)
  • Tower(2016)
  • The century of the self
  • Dear Zachary
  • Alive inside: A story of music and memory (2014)
  • BBC: the pleasure of finding things out
  • BBC: the fantastic Mr Feynman
  • Speilberg 2017
  • The kingdom of Dreams and Madness
  • Living in the age of Airplanes(2015)
  • Notes on Blindness
  • Pina (2011)
  • Inside Bill's brain: Decoding Bill Gates
  • Bitter lake (2015)
  • Do you trust this computer
  • Tim's vermeer(2013)
  • The price of everything
  • Alphago
  • Miss Americana
  • How buildings learn (1997)
  • the dissident
  • Between the folds (2008)
  • Vitamania: the sense and nonsense of vitamins (2019)
  • Becoming Warren buffet
  • Baraka(1992)
  • The work(2017)
  • David Attenbourough: A life on our planet
  • An inconvenient truth
  • This film is not yet rated
  • Koyaanisqatsi(1982)
  • We live in public (2009)
  • Life in a day (2011)
  • The price of everything
  • Merchants of doubt
  • Man with a movie camera (1929)
  • The last man on the moon
  • The crash reel(2013)
  • Mission control: the unsung heroes of Appolo (2017)
  • Jim and Andy: the great beyond(2017)
  • Turn every page: the adventures of Robert Caro and Robert Gottlieb
  • Icarus
  • The true cost (2015)
  • Tony Robbins: I am not your guru(2016)
  • Transcendent man (2009)
  • Speedcubers
  • Salam (2018)
  • The Rise Of Jordan Peterson
  • Fyre (2019)
  • Comedian (2002)
  • The human face (2001)
  • For Sama (2019)
  • One child nation (2019)
  • Foosballers
  • One strange Rock (2018)
  • White light/Black light: the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  • Exit through the gift shop (2010)
  • Man on wire (2008)
  • The secret life of the cruise (2018)
  • Chasing happiness (2019)
  • the business of being born
  • who killed the electric car
  • Revenge of the electric car
  • looking for Richard (1996)
  • Blackfish(2013)
  • Sherpa(2015)
  • Helvetica
  • Folklore
  • On any Sunday (1971)
  • Buck(2011)
  • The red pill (2016)
  • Capital in the 21st century (2019)
  • Apollo 11
  • Aliens of the deep ( 2005)
  • Into eternity: A film for the future(2010)
  • Chernobyl(2019)
  • Our planet (2019)
  • Blue planet II (2017)
  • Project Nim (2011)
  • world's biggest and baddest bugs( 2009)
  • Return to space(2022)
  • Benjamin Franklin (2022)
  • We work: or the making and breaking of a 47 billion unicorn (2021)
  • Mike Wallace is here
  • Hypernormalisation
  • 20,000 days on earth (2014)
  • Maidentrip (2013)
  • The triumph of the will(1935)
  • Homecoming: A film by Beyonce(2019)
  • David Bowie: the last 5 years
  • Four hours at the capitol (2021)

Movies I like:  

Being John Malkovich
Run Lola Run
Monty Pyton and the holy grail(1975)
The Return(2003)
Force Majeur
Enter the void(2009)
Battle Royale(2000)
Baahubali2: The conclusion(2017)
The man from earth(2007)
A moment to remember(2004)
The birds(1963)
Planet of the apes (1963)
A history of Violence(2005)
Dancer in the Dark(2000)
before sunrise(1995)
The darjeeling limited(2007)
Pacific rim(2013)
A Taxi driver(2017)
the insult(2017)
Sorry to bother you(2018)
Story of Ricky(1991)
Winter sleep(2014)
12 anngry men
The pledge(2001)
Big Eyes(2014)
Children of heaven(1997)
Frances Ha(2012)
The secret world of Arrietty
The one I love(2014)
The sunset limited(2011)
Wild Tales(2014)
The bandit(1996)
The iron Giant(1999)
Time to hunt(2020)
The small Town(1997)
District 9 (2009)
Journey to Agartha(2011)
The breakfast club(1985)
The Raid:redemption(2016)
Spirited Away
Before we go(2014)
Get out(2017)
Nausicca of the valley of wind
Me,Earl, and the Dying girl(2015)
Waking life(2001)
Sound of metal(2019)
The best Offer(2013)
Captain Fantastic
A Promising young woman(2020)
A clockwork Orange(1971)
Pretty Woman(1990)
Lost in Translation(2003)
A tale of two sisters
The princess and the warrior(2000)
Nocturnal Animals
Knives out(2019)
Galaxy Quest(1999)
Mr. Nobody(2009)
The game(1997)
Your Name(2016)
Legends of the fall(1994)
The big Short(2015)
The thing(1982)
The Apartment
Requiem for a dream
Full metal Jacket(1987)
El cuerpo/the body (2012)
Office space(1999)
Good will hunting
Under siege(1992)
The scent of a woman
Rise of the planet of the Apes(2011)
The painted veil(2006)
Once upon a time in Anatolia(2011)
the sticky fingers of time(1997)
The art of racing in the rain(2019)
Midnight in Paris(2011)
Winter Sleep(2014)


I have been traveling a lot so I had the chance to listen to a ton of podcasts. Here are my absolute favorites (listened to pretty much every single episode):

Convos with Tyler; Econtalk, the social radars; The morgan housel podcast; Plain English with Derek Thompson; Founders; Indie Hackers; The Ezra Klein show; Radiolab; Oddlots.

Honorable mentions( these are really good but I don't listen to every single episode, only the ones that pique my interest):

Talks at google; 99% invisible; This American life; Making sense; MOZ; ALL-IN pod; Planet money; Honestly with Bari Weiss; In good company with Nicolai Tangen; Flightless bird

I collect the eps I enjoy in the playlist below:


Best website on the internet:


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